SharePoint 2013: The server was unable to save the form at this time

This morning our freshly installed SharePoint Server 2013 server was refusing to let me save a simple form with a Lookup column to another list. Using the standard insert/edit form, the error message read:

Error message from insert/edit form.

Error message from insert/edit form: The server was unable to save the form at this time. Please try again.

When using the quick edit mode, the error message was:

Error message in quick edit mode.

Extra Tips for Debugging SharePoint Timer Jobs

There is an excellent guide over on MSDN on how to debug a SharePoint timer job from Visual Studio. However, it fails to mention that sometimes you need to restart the service that runs the timer jobs to allow debugger to set a breakpoint. In addition, sometimes a job will not show up in the job definitions list (Central Administration – Job Definitions), making it hard to manually start a job. The solution to this is to recycle IIS.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows 7/8 – missing config.xml file

To install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows 7/8, you need to modify the config.xml file. However, after extracting the setup files, the config.xml file was nowhere to be seen in the Setup folder. To get the installation going, I had to create the file myself. Here is the content that goes into it:

JSLink: The simple way to add and load multiple JavaScript files

It can sometimes be useful to specify multiple JavaScript files to use when rendering e.g. a field in SharePoint 2013. It could be that you have a JavaScript file with some shared code that you use in all your custom rendering, or you use a library such as jQuery. In either case, you need all the scripts loaded before you can start rendering.

It turns out it is easy to tell SharePoint to download multiple JavaScript files when rendering e.g. a field. Just separate them with the pipe character, i.e. |.

How to add an Enterprise Keywords column to a custom list and enable Keyword synchronization in SharePoint 2013

This is a quick step-by-step guide to add an Enterprise Keywords column to a custom list and enable Keyword synchronization with Visual Studio 2012 in a SharePoint project. The SharePoint tools for Visual Studio 2012 have become a lot better in the latest edition, but a little extra work is required to get the Enterprise keywords column wired up correctly.

Quick and simple Drupal upgrade using FTP only

Running Drupal on a shared host usually imply you only have access to the webserver through FTP, i.e. no Drush or SSH to ease the upgrade process. The official upgrade instructions assumes you have shell access to your server.

With the frequent security updates to Drupal, it quickly becomes tedious to first delete every file in your Drupal directory on the server (except the sites directory of course), then upload the +1000 files in the latest release, all while your website is offline. Depending on your connection to your shared host, it can take a little while to complete the deleting and uploading process.